About Us

Veda introduced the brand Baby Knows Best in August 2018 in order to bring together a range of baby care products for the busy parent. For newborns, infants, toddlers, right through to pre-school.

We wanted to look at things from the baby's perspective. If a baby could choose, what would he or she go for? For this purpose, we chose Leo as our model baby. Leo was born around the same time that Baby Knows Best was launched, so it is fitting that we see him develop as the brand develops. We thought Leo would like products that are environmentally friendly and free of potentially harmful chemicals such as BPA, so we did the research and located products to satisfy this need.

These days, Leo likes to eat what his mummy eats. Some call this Baby Led Weaning but it is just common sense. Why make extra food when your food is fine. Okay, Leo makes a mess but we have products to help reduce this, or at least contain it.

In July 2019, we introduced Jack, Olivia and Ethan to our team. Olivia and Ethan are twins, born in March 2018. Their brother Jack was born in September 2015, so following their combined progress has helped us a lot in choosing the products.

Baby Knows Best is our registered brand. We hope you like the products we have selected, please let us know if you would like us to add more to our growing collection.