Pre-School and New School Starters

Ready for School?

The day will eventually come when your little baby will be putting on a uniform and going to school. This is always an emotional moment, and no doubt you will cherish that photograph of their first day forever after posting it on Facebook and Instagram, with all the hashtags you can think of.

But before that big day, you need to prepare. Most children will be starting school at the age of 5, sometimes younger, depending on the Country and/or State. No matter what the legal age is, many parents will send their kids to some form of Pre-School (nursery or kindergarten). Rules for what they need will vary, and advice should be obtained from the establishment, but for school, this is a pretty good list to start with:

  • A backpack. Many kids will go for a cute animal bag or a cartoon character, but they must be practical, comfortable and hard-wearing. You will want at least a school year out of it.
  • A ring-binder with lined paper and dividers
  • Notebooks, probably one for each lesson
  • Coloured pencils and/or crayons and a black HB pencil with a pencil sharpener
  • Black and red ink pens
  • A 12"/30cm rule (geometry sets may also be needed at some point)
  • An eraser. Don't rely on the one on the end of your pencil
  • Paper glue (not Superglue!)
  • Safety scissors
  • Lunch box, water bottle and snacks - try and keep these healthy.

For further advice:

On our Blog page, there is an article on preparing for the first day of school, with some good tips on how to get mentally prepared as well as physically. Well worth a read if it's your first time.

For advice on how to pack, Wikihow has a good guide for this.