Newborns and Infants

Babies up to 2 months old are considered Newborns at Baby Knows Best and from that age up to 12 months, Infants. Your baby will develop at an incredible rate during this phase, from being totally dependent on you, to being able to eat and drink, to crawl, even walk a few steps. They will understand far more than they can communicate, so they will take in things from their environment without you even knowing.

They will typically triple their birth weight and grow up to 20cm during this time, so you need to prepare for a lot of changes in clothing and eating habits.

Play is an important part of this phase. From one month onwards, babies start to become aware of their surroundings and their own body. They learn how to hold things and to make sounds, which they then hear, and this helps to develop their sensory skills. Colourful toys play a large part in this process and toys that make a sound are especially important for newborn babies, infants and toddlers.

We believe toys should be fun but if they can help your baby’s development then all the better. We have a range of toys that are robust and educational, toys that help develop baby’s walking and sensory capabilities like our wooden xylophone or the baby walker. Your baby will be up and walking in no time, and that is when they start exploring the world around them. Be one step ahead by providing them with toys that can help them in this crucial stage of their development.

We have selected products for Newborns and Infants that fit in with modern lifestyles and changes in cultural attitudes. We look at the environmental impact of products and the time available for parents who may be in work soon after birth.