Get Ready For Halloween - It's Party Time!

Halloween Party Ideas

Let’s face it. Kids dress up and go out Trick or Treating, the adults dress up and party! We’ve already talked about fancy dress ideas in a previous blog so now let’s look at the food and drink aspect that will make your Halloween party go with a bang!

Halloween Party Food

All parties need a well-balanced menu of food, but at Halloween, you really only need tasty snacks because people are going to be milling around, trick-or-treating, playing party games and so on. You will need to keep that spooky theme going, though. Look at these great ideas from

  • Candy Apples with Gummy Worms 
Candy covered apple for Halloween party
  • Cheesy Spiders
cheesy Halloween snack
  • Saucy Spider with Hairy Legs
Pizza based Halloween snack
  • Banana Mummie Pups
Banana snack for Halloween
  • Edible Monster Pizza Bites
Pizza bites with Halloween theme

Halloween Party Drinks

There is nothing like a spooky cocktail to set the mood and has some great recipes, including a great punch and a festive sangria. Here are just some of them:

  • Bloody Sangria
Blood coloured sangria for Halloween party
  • Black Widow Cocktail
  • Halloween Punch
Punch for Halloween Party
  • Poison Apple Cocktail
  • Haunted Graveyard Cocktail


For the kids, Grace Hall at Eats Amazing has some awesome drinks that are both fun and healthy. Try these:

  • Ghostly Banana Milkshake
  • Spooky Green Smoothie 

  • Bats Blood Smoothies
  • Halloween Milkshake with Gummie Worms
  • Spiders Web Smoothie Bowl

spiders web smoothie bowl Halloween drink for kids

Halloween themed packed lunches for kids

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year so why not send them off to school with some really cool and spooky goodies in their lunch box – not just on the day but the whole week? Here are some great ideas from and

Lunch for kids with Halloween theme

Halloween lunchbox for schoolkids

Halloween themed lunchbox for kids

These are just a few ideas, but make your own up, it’s fun and your kids will be the envy of all their school mates.

Halloween House Decorations

Don't forget to set the scene! You're gonna need to decorate your house to make it really spooky. A few spiders webs hung across the curtains is only the beginning. Here are some key points to creating the right vibe.

  • Decorate doors and windows too

  • The Jack-O-Lantern nicely carved and lit up
  • Don't forget the outside.

Halloween graveyard

Halloween ghost outside a house

And even if you're not having a party, one or two pumpkins outside shows that you are open to visitors trick-or-treating.

Pumpkins outside a house

    Baby Knows Best has some great products for all occasions, but don't miss this last chance to grab some bargains for your Halloween party. After this weekend they will be gone.

    Have a great Halloween and stay safe. Only let the kids out trick-or-treating in groups and always have an adult accompany the younger ones. Don't forget your candy bag.

    Fangs for reading.

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